Thursday, 7 March 2013

Rowing to Paradise by Elizabeth Nannestad

Some days we all feel like this beetle, hopefully today is not one of those days for you!

Rowing to Paradise

Hoi there beetle: you’ve a long way to go.
If only you knew! –
to the back door from here is about
60,000 beetle miles
and then – there’s a ledge. This ledge
will look like the wall at the end of the world to you.
Worse: between where you are
and the back door
is all shiny floor, meaning
you are outstandingly visible
to the cats and to me with my dustpan and broom.
That is if no one
steps on you without even seeing you
which is come to think of it more likely.
Even for a beetle
you are small and dull.

Outside – outside! – if you ever get there
innumerable beetles are having a good time.
I’ve seen it –
out in our woodpile there’s a party every night.
Everyone is invited.
When you get there, your days
as a toiling floor-bound barely-there hungry beetle
will be over.
Your true love is waiting
the violinist is waiting
a whole wide fragrant world ascending towards a field of stars
is waiting for you.
By the way you’ve got your head down
and six legs all rowing
you intend to make it –
maybe even in your lifetime.

Extract from Wild Like Me by Elizabeth Nannestad, published February 2013.

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