Monday, 19 August 2013

Still Shines...

We are as pleased as punch at the news that Vincent O'Sullivan is our new Poet Laureate.

The National Library announced the news on National Poetry Day on Friday saying,
“Vincent O’Sullivan has been a leading figure in New Zealand and International poetry for over 40 years and his work continues to develop, with excellent reviews for his most recent anthology of new work, Us,Then, published only last month.”

“Nominators mentioned his wide appeal and ability to relate to range of audiences with warmth, wit and erudition. I have no doubt he will be an articulate and intelligent voice for the role and meaning of poetry.”

Us, Then has been getting some great reviews. Tim Upperton writing in the recent NZ Listener noted that 'O'Sullivan's work also resembles that of the Elizabethans in the way it combines elegance and crudity, logic and metaphorical flights, erudition and bawdiness, mind and flesh. His tonal range is extraordinarily wide.'
And here's the Poet Laureate, on linked in, where one doubts we'll ever find him...

'Only connect'

Opening 'LinkedIn' I'm delighted - again - to note:
Lydia Sparrow is now connected to David Branch.
Eric McFinger is now connected to Tane Lim.
Debbie Seacliffe is now connected to Janet Frame.
The promise is endless. Gabriel is now connected
to the Virgin Mary. The F├╝hrer is now connected
to Josef Goebbels. Lucifer would like to be
connected to any of the above. 'Arsebook'
is now connected, momentarily, to 'Facebook'.
What a wonderful world.

from Us, Then

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